An unprecedented hand stitched course created specifically with the mixed media artist in mind.

Create a project that is as meaningful as it is functional. 

Did you know that it is possible to create a zippered pouch entirely by hand without the sewing machine?

What will you gain from this course when you enroll today?

  • Basic hand stitching techniques that will become the foundation for an endless possibility of future projects. 
  • The knowledge on how to construct a zippered pouch. Knowledge that will provide you the capabilities to create a pouch of any size!
  • An insight on how to use collage when creating with textiles and other mediums. 
  • Freedom of expression that comes from hand stitching in an intuitive manner.
  • How to insert a zipper, entirely by hand! (I will also walk you through how to use your sewing machine for this step, if that is more your jam.)  
  • A feeling of great accomplishment for completing a project that is equal parts artistic and functional.
  • BONUS: How to take your hand stitched pouch one step further - create a pouch that can connect to any notebook or journal cover. Perfect for taking your art supplies on the go!

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gather supplies

textile collage

intuitive stitching

insert zipper

BONUS: additional pouch

BONUS: learn to attach your pouch to a notebook - perfect to take on the go!

Who this course is designed for:

  • If you are a mixed media artist that is interested in exploring textiles.
  • If you have been interested in hand stitching but you don't know where to start.  
  • If you have hand painted/dyed fabrics and have been saving them for a project that is "special enough" to be worthy of their beauty.
  • If you love the idea of hand stitching but you are too overwhelmed with deciding where to begin.
  • If you love collage and you want to bring those skills into the textile world.
  • If you love to make meaningful projects full of character that also serve a functional purpose. 
  • If your art practice is becoming stale and you need something new and exciting.
  • If the thought of putting in a zipper has always scared you and you want to learn a really simple way to achieve this goal.
  • If you have been wanting to incorporate more texture into your artwork. 
    • If you are new to mixed media textiles and have a limited amount of art supplies, but still want to create something innovative and useful. 
    • If you have made pouches and bags with your sewing machine but want a project that is easy to take on the go.
  • If you keep making excuses that you don’t have time to spend nourishing your creativity and you need a very easy project to create.
  • If you vibe with me and want to spend more time creating together!

Take a closer at our class project!

What will you use your new hand stitched pouch for?!

Look at the BONUS project, take your pouch with you everywhere!

Take your art supplies on the go by making your pouch attachable to a notebook!

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For me, play is one of the most important elements when it comes to our art practice. With this course, and all of the other courses here at BB Henry Studio, I promise to help you dive deeper into your love for art. Not only will you be learning new techniques that'll improve your art skills. We will also be working on our mindset around creating, which may be the most important aspect of all!

Please feel free to reach out, for ANY reason. The good, the bad, and any concerns in between! Email me

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How long to I get to keep the Art Course?

You have unlimited LIFETIME* access to this Studio Course. *Lifetime means for as long as BB Henry Art is in business and offering art courses.

What Supplies Do I Need?

More than likely you already have what you need on hand and we encourage you to be innovative and use what you have. However, if you need supplies, we have an Amazon Storefront with our best recommendations: LINK

When does the Class Begin?

All online courses are self-study and self-paced. The videos are all prerecorded and ready to watch upon purchase. You can watch them whenever you want, and as many times as you wish. It is up to you to find the timing that suits you best. Make time for your creativity. It is a gift you are giving yourself!

How do I View the Content?

You can access the lessons and video from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. The videos will be hosted online on an easy to use platform called Simplero. 

Once I sign up, when will I receive my login?

You will first receive a confirmation email as soon as you sign up. Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration. If it's the first time you are taking one of my classes, you will receive a random password for the classroom site. Once you are logged in, you will be able to go into your settings and change the password to your liking. If you are a returning student, the class will be automatically added to your existing member account, provided that you have used the same email address when registering.

Do You Offer Refunds?

If you feel like you don’t get value from this online art course and additional bonuses, you can email us at anytime within 14 days and we will happily refund your full purchase price. *note content is not downloadable until after the refund period ends.

Hey, you read all the way to this point, so I know this class intrigues you! Why not take the time to invest in yourself by taking the time to nourish your creativity? Learn skills that can be used in your art practice while making a pouch that can be used forever.

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