Transform your journal making experience!
Learn to change your mindset and go beyond the limitations of traditional bookmaking.
You will learn how to seemlessly fuse mixed media with textural elements to create show stopping art journals that are profound works of art.

A 12-Week Guided Art Journey

BB Art Journals Masterclass Timeline

Through this 12-week masterclass you'll learn to →

    • Embrace play
    • Trust your artistic intuition
    • Discover & fall in love with your creative voice
    • Work in a dynamic, dimensional limited color palette
    • Stretch the boundaries of what you thought possible in your mixed media art journaling practice 
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Let's talk specifics, what techniques will you learn during this masterclass? Check it out →

BB Art Journal Diagram
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This isn't just another one of those online courses where you are left to figure everything out for yourself.

 One of the biggest bonuses to joining in on this experience is receiving direct, personalized feedback & guidance.

Personalized Feedback ⟶ how often do you partake in an online class and think to yourself, "I wish I could get the teacher's input on this!"

  • I aim to bridge the gap between online and in-person classes with this 12-week masterclass experience.
  • I want you to leave this class feeling more CONFIDENT as an artist.
  • Keep scrolling to see how I give students feedback when it comes to creating their journal covers! 

Open Office Hours ⟶ each week I'll be hosting a Live Zoom meeting where you can come and get your questions answered in real-time!

  • Sometimes writing in a question just doesn't cut it. Come get your questions answered live or submit your question ahead of time if you're unable to make it!
  • Don't worry, just like with everything else in the class, it'll be recorded for repeated viewing.

Live Play Dates ⟶ the community created during this experience is one of the best parts! Let's gather for some no-pressure play time!

  • Throughout this course we will have set times where we can escape for the busyness of our day-to-day lives and father from some no-pressure play time! 
  • The perfect time to support and encourage each other. And have some FUN while we're at it!
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